Section 14. Modern Belarusian Bibles

147. The Altar Gospel translated by the metropolitan of the Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Mikalaj Matsukevich

Toronto, 1988. National Library of Belarus, Minsk

In 1936 the Synod publishing house of the Orthodox church in Warsaw published their own retelling of the Bible in Belarusian titled ‘The Holy Story of the New Testament’ compiled by Siarhej Paulovich. In 1960s the younger brother of Jakub Kolas Mihas’ Mickevich translated the Gospels being in emigration. His handwritten translations were preserved and in 1998 the Gospels according to Matthew and to Mark were published. In 1998 the Altar Holy Gospel translated by the metropolitan Mikalaj Matsukevich came out, and in 1998 – the Liturgical Apostle.