Section 14. Modern Belarusian Bibles

150. The Bible translation by Uladzislau Charniauski

National Library of Belarus, Minsk

In 1968 Roman Catholic priest Uladzislau Charniauski from Vishneu in Belarus undertook the Bible translation. It was finished by mid-1980-s and was recognized by the Vatican, but the translation stayed unpublished for a long time. In the second half of 1990s a group of young believers under the leadership of Anthony Bokun started working on publishing this translation. Consequently, the book of Genesis was published in 1997, the New Testament in 1999 and the Pentateuch in 2002. In 2003 the New Testament translation edited by the Bible Society was published, and in 2012 – the full translation of the Bible on the basis of manuscripts of Uladzislau Charniauski.